Balmoral has two divisions, Renewable Energy and the newly acquired Arts & Entertainment division, with partnerships around the globe, celebrating over 25 years of growth and innovation.

We are financiers who pursue mergers and acquisitions, film projects, Video game projects, clean energy, and renewable technology projects that require financing that fits our business model. Our business model requires a project to have 30-50% of funding in place before we move forward. We Co-invest rather than take all the risk, this model has proven to work well on Renewable Energy and Film projects. We are aiming to bring this financial model to all facets of art, entertainment, and emerging technologies.

Film projects normally fall in the 10-30+ Million range and renewable/Infrastructure projects go up to 900 Million. A two million budget project doesn't spark our interest as a 50+ Million project would, not only do the numbers have to align but we also must believe in the project.


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