Balmoral Organizes Funds for Central Europe Energy

Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. CEO Rodney Kincaid will be speaking at the 9th annual CEE Energy Conference and is raising 130 million euros for investments in Central Europe.
(PRWEB) January 10, 2013

37900BF3Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. of the British Virgin Island and Fund Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. with representative offices in Ohio, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands and other countries in the Middle East ( ), and ( ) announced forming a new division which will raise 130 million euros for investments in Central Europe. The investor and operation of this division will be operational by May 2013. Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. and other accredited investors will work with Balmoral Capital and leverage private sector funds for projects in renewable energy.

Balmoral CEO Rodney Kincaid will be speaking at the 9th annual CEE Energy Conference and Exhibition and unfold the plan for two to three projects to spend the investors’ funds under a co-investment scheme. Under that business model the funds are all equity and both side put in 30%-60% of the total cost of the project. The equity is divided and Balmoral manages the money. Both sides then pick the EPC contractor and renewable energy technology is selected and the building begins and is paid for in 10-20 tranches. After construction 70%-75% of the equity is traded for debt and the investors are returned that portion of their investment within 20 months. Both parties then participate in the ongoing cash flow.

“We are excited to be more involved again with Eastern Europe,” said Rodney Kincaid. “I began my international career in Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall came down, and I feel it is appropriate that I am back here again making deals for Balmoral and our accredited investors.” Balmoral with its partners did over 100 transactions in Eastern Europe in 1990’s and had a sub office in Prague.

The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) conference is comprised of 150 public and private experts gathered to learn and solve current issues of the energy market. The conference will take place on March 19th-20th 2013 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. .

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Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. Announce Launch of Balmoral Arts and Entertainment

Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. today announced funds accessed for a proposed new independent company, Balmoral Arts and Entertainment.
London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

TOSCA by Rodney KincaidContracts have been drawn with Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. who holds valuable options of Euro Clear in bank securities to organize a new media and entertainment company. The new Arts and Entertainment Company will organize a film production company and are preparing to launch five new movies in 2013. More details of the films will be released at a later date.

In addition, this new funding will enable select art galleries to have funds for exhibitions and other possibilities such as several Opera Houses in the United States and Europe to flourish under the new financial conditions.

As previously announced, Rodney Lee Kincaid will serve as Chairman of the new Corporation "This is an incredibly exciting time for me and for our companies ambitious future" said Rodney Kincaid. " the challenges we face in financing the renewable energy sector moves in all other sectors as well, however balmoral cannot ignore that these opportunities have risks but they are worth it. We are happy to be helping the art at the same time open our business model to the Art Galleries and opera house with need donor and cash to survive."

Kincaid continued, "Under Balmoral leadership these new areas of entertainment that enhances so many people’s lives and are viewed around the world, and provide certain funding for maintain excellence in art and entertainment and give a return to our overseas investors.”

Also today was announced, Mr. Samuel Kincaid has been added to the management team to serve with an addition group of International players in the back office taking the title of Vice President Contract Administration. Kincaid stated. "Samuel A Kincaid is a world-class executive with unprecedented strategic and commercial experience for a young man. Balmoral looks forward in contracting with him to provide insight and provide important leadership in the development of our already growing client base.”

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Balmoral Companies & Investors Fund AMERICAN ROYALTY THE MOVIE

Balmoral signs two film deals
London United Kingdom, Toronto Canada—
(PRWEB) September 07, 2012 -- Balmoral Companies and Investors fund "AMERICAN ROYALTY THE MOVIE"

gI 82708 104 1121Balmoral Capital Holdings, Inc. of the British Virgin Island and Balmoral Dubai #4099 with representative offices in Ohio, UK (, and other investors have announced the fully funding of the American Royalty the Movie, Inc. In a new Canadian Corporation organizing $15 million dollars of Financing. Filming will take place in 2013 and release 2014.

Balmoral operates a trading business in BVI and United Arab Emirates facility working with accredited investors worldwide. They have two divisions Renewable Energy and Film finance and have partners in five countries. Balmoral Financial in Ohio has been in business for 25 years.

Balmoral works with leading international companies and has signed two film deals both will be filmed in Toronto, Canada. American Royalty will introduce a new actress for role of Grace Kelly, the American beauty who became a princess the whole world fell in love with, was born to an Irish- American Family in Philadelphia. American Royalty is the graphic story of how her family, led by her father Jack Kelly, was the foundation and catalyst for what she later achieved and became. Jack Kelly was a first generation American who sought to prove that he could reach the highest levels of American Society despite the fact that he belonged to an Irish minority that was shunned by the privileged upper class of Philadelphia. Jack Kelly won three Olympic gold medals and became one of the major sports heroes in 1920’s America. He then later drove his son Kell to continue the family’s quest for greatness in sports. At the same time he neglected his wife and his daughter Grace as he went on to have affairs and indulge in the power of fame and wealth. When Grace left home and found her own path to success as an actress, Jack Kelly intruded. After the family reached a breaking point in a sudden and painful turn of events, Jack found his way to redemption and the family was saved. In his last years Jack Kelly had the distinct satisfaction of seeing his family achieve a pinnacle of esteem as Grace won an Oscar and became a Princess whose fame and recognition has endured as a lasting icon of style, beauty, elegance and glamour.

English Contact: BALMORAL COMPANIES (American Royalty the Movie, Inc.)
United States Contact: rkincai2(at)columbus(dot) , sales(at)balmoralcompanies(dot)com
Phone 1-614-792-7658 New York 1 (917) 238-9270 NEW YORK OFFICE

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Rodney Kincaid, CEO of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. Donates Painting for Opera and Warsaw Philharmonic

There is more than just money being talked about this month in the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. The hotel hosted the 9th CEE Energy Conference and Rodney Kincaid, CEO of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. brought more then just his financial expertise.
Warsaw, Poland (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

Rodney Kincaid 19884Rodney Lee Kincaid, CEO of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. and Balmoral Arts and Entertainment, has shown interest in Polish arts. Kincaid is a painter and investment banker in the international market. Balmoral operates a trading business in BVI and United Arab Emirates facility working with accredited investors worldwide. They have two divisions Renewable Energy and Arts and Entertainment and have partners in five countries and have been in business for 25 years.

During the 9th Annual CEE Energy Conference in Warsaw, Poland Kincaid was a panelist and spoke on offering finance for up to 150 million euros of solar farms and renewable energy transactions. Kincaid is aware that the bankers and business people at the conference care for the environment and also have interests for culture and arts which led him to donate a painting of Fredrick Chopin, a famous Polish composer. The painting will be auctioned off in the next year of 2014 and all proceeds will be given to the Polish opera or the Warsaw Philharmonic. In addition, Kincaid has prepared new funding that will enable select art galleries to have funds for exhibitions and other possibilities such as several Opera Houses in the United States and Europe to flourish under the new financial conditions.

The cartoon likeness of Fredrick Chopin painted by Kincaid arrived in Poland and will remain in Poland until auctioned. Many people have enjoyed renderings of Chopin, but this one is particularly unique. Chopin is loved by many people in 100's of countries. Polish songs and a few works for cello and piano trio, all written by Chopin are knows by thousands. Chopin devoted his life to the creation of a richly melodic and harmonically original music. The composer of matchless genius, no one before or since Chopin has contributed as many significant works to the piano's repertoire.

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Kincaid and Balmoral Investors unveil New Baltic Financing Fund in Tallinn Estonia

In less than a month Balmoral Companies will unveil a new financing fund for the Baltics.
London, United Kingdom / Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 26, 2012


Balmoral Capital Holdings, Inc. of the British Virgin Island and Fund Balmoral Dubai #4099 with representative offices in Ohio, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands and other countries in the middle east (, announced new division is being employed to gather funds for a fund in excess of 100 million euros for investments for the Baltics.

Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. and other funds will work with Balmoral Capital and leverage private sector funds for this in entertainment and renewable energy.

“I will open to the Baltics a new source of funding for co-investing with investors on projects in the Baltics”, Said Rodney Kincaid CEO of Balmoral. “I am looking forward to speaking at the Baltic Energy conference and will open up new co-investing opportunities provide the project developer has a portion of the funds in trust.” Kincaid will be looking for one deal 50 to 150 million Euros in value that has 17%-25% ROI at the conference.

The 4th Annual Baltic Energy Summit will have both public and private sector developers and financier come together in middle November 2012.

“Many projects that are not bankability in the energy sector need this kind of investor”. Kincaid went on to say, “Our experts scrutinize the risks and are game changers in the international approach to finance. Balmoral takes both debt and equity and co-invests with the developers in minority and majority interests.”

English Contact:
Dublin, Ohio Contact: rkincai2(at)columbus(dot)rr(dot)com
Phone: 1-614-792-8456 1-614-598-2612

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Balmoral Dubai # 4099 Inc. Signs Joint Venture with Hong Kong Capital Technology Limited

Balmoral Dubai # 4099 Inc. (“BALMORAL”), a BVI-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Joint Venture in Asia with Hong Kong Capital Technology Limited (HKCT) with a total value of approximately £120 million.
(PRWEB) June 29, 2013

hongkong2Sheung Wan, Hong Kong ‎ Balmoral Companies operate as multiple trading facilities in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), London, UK and United Arab Emirates (UAE) teaming with accredited investors worldwide. This year, Balmoral has two divisions, Renewable Energy and the newly acquired Arts & Entertainment division, with partnerships around the globe, celebrating 25 years of growth and innovation.

Recently Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. has arranged a joint venture with Hong Kong Capital Technology (HKCT) to gain access to the Asia market in Hong Kong. HKCT will manage and organize new lines of credit from clients and private portfolios of private equity funds and direct investments. Balmoral will organize several new financial facilities and have HKCT act as an administrator to oversee the private company, financial reporting and tax functions for the group.

The arrangement will immediately begin by marketing a new private equity limited partnership, with the aim of raising £200 million. All closing for deals will be in Hong Kong and will serve both divisions of Balmoral for Films and Renewable Energy projects. Rodney Kincaid, CEO of Balmoral has 27 years of private equity experience and will act as the Managing Director and operate as the Private Equity Director for HKCT. Once the JV is in place, the firm will join the British Venture Capital Association BVCA.

Samuel Kincaid, VP of Balmoral said, “We have been considering for some time how to develop a private equity business and are delighted to be able to work with and manage HKCT. This avenue in Asia will help us develop new business in Singapore, India and most of Asia. This joint venture is the key to our success.”

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Rodney Kincaid of Balmoral makes offer to Baltic for LNG Finance

Balmoral's CEO Rodney Kincaid attends Baltic Energy Summit and makes offer on an approved LNG project.
Tallinn, Estonia (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Rodney Kincaid Balmoral 002

Balmoral Companies CEO Mr. Rodney Kincaid made quite an impression at the 4th annual Baltic Energy Summit in Tallinn Estonia. Rodney presented representing Balmoral investors to a distinguished panel and 150 guests demonstrating his unique investment strategies and expertise in financing renewable energy projects.

With over 25 years of experience in financing emerging markets such as Energy, industry, manufacturing and more recently entertainment, Rodney presents the Balmoral business model to invest in the Baltics. Synthesized on a large scale, a minimum of 50 to 150 million to invest in the region. “I believe making these investments now will make for a stronger future for the people of the Baltic” says CEO Rodney Kincaid.

Balmoral Capital Holdings, Inc. of the British Virgin Island and Fund Balmoral Dubai #4099 with representative offices in Ohio, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands and other countries in the middle east (, announced new fund for the purpose of financing an approved LNG facility and other renewable energy opportunities.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is natural gas that has been cooled to -260° Fahrenheit until it becomes a liquid, which reduces its volume by around 600 times. This process allows it to be transported internationally and efficient. Once LNG arrives to its destination it is warmed back up to its original state and distributed.

Balmoral is innovative when cooperating with the EPC contractor on all projects in the process design equipment procurement, regulatory expertise, clinical materials, and productions facility design.

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"Unfrozen" an Art Exhibition in London

Balmoral Arts and Entertainment a subdivision of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. is arranging its first art exhibition in London.
London, UK (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Rodney Kincaid royal medical college LondonBalmoral Capital Holdings Inc. has two divisions, Renewable Energy and the newly acquired Arts & Entertainment division, with partnerships around the globe, celebrating over 25 years of growth and innovation. Balmoral is a group of professional financiers who pursue mergers and acquisitions, film projects, Video game projects, clean energy, and renewable technology projects in need of financing.

The projects must follow Balmorals business model. Balmorals business model requires a project to have 30-50% of funding in equity before they will move forward with the project. Balmoral Co-invests rather than take all the risk, which has been proven to be successful with Renewable Energy and Film projects. Balmoral’s Vice president Samuel Kincaid said “We are aiming to bring this financial model to all facets of art, entertainment, and emerging technologies.” which leads them to London, a known hotspot for Art.

“Unfrozen” is an art exhibition compiled of 77 paintings by Rodney Lee Kincaid and will be available for viewing October 18th-20th from 9:00am-9:00pm. Location is at the Melia White House on Albany St, Regents Park, London NW1 3UP, United Kingdom. There will also be a reception after each showing to guests who contact Samuel Kincaid at samuel(at)balmoralfinancial(dot)com.

Rodney Lee Kincaid, CEO and President of Balmoral Companies day job primarily consists of funding films and new energy resources as well as assisting medical charities. Kincaid explains the impetus for his painting. “The very act of painting is the experience itself. Every time I paint, I am laughing my ass off. I am no natural genius... it’s getting emotion on a canvas to say something. I want people to think. In investment banking, I must express my ideas and negotiate both sides have an agenda. In painting, I can let that all go, and just say what I feel.”

Kincaid draws on 7 to 12 point canvases, and he has introduced stain, oil paint, acrylics, house paint and other mediums. He has also come to implement small mirror fragments in his characters’ eyes sockets, and thusly, creating the effect that the viewer is seeing their own reflection in the subject’s soul. His unique renderings are stretched, framed and currently hung in three galleries including, Gallery 19 at Kensington Court in Central London, the Daggett Gallery in the Notting Hill section of London and in his own Balmoral Art and Entertainment Gallery in Ohio.

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Balmoral Capital’s Rodney Kincaid Announces Movie Fund Open for Business

Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. organized a €100 million fund for films.
(PRWEB) December 13, 2012

Rodney Kincaid business photo

Rodney Kincaid investment banker and CEO of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. and Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. (, have announced they are teaming up with new parties to organize a €100 million euro film fund ( 80 million pounds sterling and 455 million AED). More than 84% of the cash is already identified. The fund will primarily invest in international productions including properties owned by the principals and other films.

The business model of the fund will also reach out to independent film makers and accredited investors who have 30% to 38% of their budget in cash and look for traditional types of investments in debt or equity financing under certain conditions. The new fund investors can expect double digit returns and much lower risk than traditional film investments. “We are creating a new niche finance vehicle that will be available to film makers all over the world” said Rodney Kincaid CEO. The principals recently signed MOU documents to make the first fund opened first quarter 2013.

The unique Balmoral Dubai #4099 Inc. BVI Fund principals will be present at the Berlin film festival in February 2013. The Berlinale witnesses more than 19,000 film professionals from 115 countries along with journalists and a large number of audiences. This annual festival shows around 400 films of every genre, length, and format. It is an ideal event for film professionals to gather and discuss upcoming projects.

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Balmoral Strategic Relationship in the Middle East

Balmoral Capital Holdings, Inc., a leader in providing financing for clean, reliable energy projects and most recently financier of films, announced it has joined forces with the technical innovation of Sherezade Management Company as Andalucía Consultants in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven Emirates located next to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The stock and joint venture is an off shore entity in order to meet growing demand in the entertainment market.
Dubai, UAE (PRWEB) August 31, 2013

gI 131622 DubaiSherezade Management co-manages and co finances films along with their sister company, Sherezade Films Ltd. a film financing, production and Distribution Company registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) with representation in Bahrain, Los Angeles, Munich and New York. SF produced 12 full length movies in the US and Europe during 2007-2009 that focused on high quality output with controlled budgets of up to $15 million. Presently it is focusing on maximum budgets of $20-23 million that entail not only high quality, but have ingredients of high commercial success. The Management team has had over 100 years of combined experience in the entertainment sector as well as in the financial sector.

The company was founded in September 2005. In 2009, SF acquired majority share ownership of Curious Pictures, New York. Sherezade has worked with such "A" list Hollywood stars as Andy Garcia, Eli Wallach, Daniel Craig (007 James Bond), James Caan, Woody Harrelson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman, Dennis Quaid and many others. In six years they have had 12 theatrical global releases and have earned two Academy Award nominations for the 2010 release of: “The Messenger” with Woody Harrelson. Official Selection at the "Sundance Film Festival" in 2008 for: “Smart People” as well as their 2010 International release for: “New York I Love You” their latest film in development: "O Apostolo” has won official selection animated feature at the Malaga and Moscow 2012 film festivals and in February 2013 was nominated for the “Goya Award” Madrid’s “Academy Awards” and in April 2013 won 6 Galician Awards Including Best Picture, the first time ever an animated film won “Best Picture”.

Balmoral and Sherezade Management have joined forces as “Andalucía Consultants” and will be funding a slate of films covering over $100 million USD. They will make a significant Middle Eastern and European presence in the film and management of entertainment assets in the market place. “As a leading global joint venture and financing entity, Balmoral is the ideal partner to help spearhead our expansion without accredited investors into the burgeoning European and Middle Eastern film market,” states Rodney Kincaid, CEO of Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. Dubai, and looks forward to working hand-in-hand with Sherezade Management Company,, to bring the economic and environmental benefits to both companies, under the proposed joint venture ownership, Andalucía Consultants FZ LLC. Balmoral will contribute a license to certain intellectual property rights for entertainment properties and Balmoral will finance under its strategic business model.

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