CEO - Rodney L Kincaid is a managing partner in the Ohio office of Balmoral Capital
Holdings, Inc. He specialises in structured finance and capital markets both private and
public equity with a focus on derivatives, hybrid deals and convertible transaction for the
Balmoral Capital Team. He has wide experience in advising both corporate clients and
investment banks.

COO - Anil Kumar Singh is an energetic entrepreneur with a keen interest in emerging
technologies and pharmaceutical industry. Anil holds MBA and CFA degrees from
Chartered Financial Analyst Business School.

CTO - Desmond P Murphy has over 40 years of technical and commercial experience in
Power Generation in all forms (Fossil and Renewable). His key areas of expertise are
within Corporate Strategy alongside Business and Project Development.

CAO - Samuel Kincaid runs leads and creates solutions to business development projects by conducting research and developing a plan of action. He is a creative thinker and has a visionary outlook on future business.

Balmoral also employs a small team of professional staff, and works with a global network of almost 50 agents, who help to generate deal flow and assist in conducting transactions.


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