Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. is a private equity, asset management and corporate finance firm. Balmoral specializes in fundraising using structured finance, and by tapping into the capital markets, both private and public. Over the last five years Balmoral has been focusing on the renewable energy market, considering its fast growth and capital intensive nature. Rodney Kincaid is the Managing Partner of Balmoral, and he has wide experience advising corporate clients and investment banks, specifically using Private Placements, Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees to finance renewable energy Transactions, such as Solar and Wind farms.

Kincaid and his Balmoral TEAM facilitate long and short term financing for Solar and Wind farms, with the aim of selling these assets to hedge Funds, institutional investors and banks at a later stage.

Working  as  a  full  range,  crossborder  corporate  finance  and  private  equity specialist, Rodney Kincaid has 25 years experience in this field, specifically the emerging  markets.  He will assist a company in international finance, future mergers and acquisitions, equity offerings, structured products and equity derivatives. The work which will be carried out by both the company and its counsel, as well as the Balmoral Team, working jointly in order to complete complex transactions efficiently.

Historically, the Balmoral group of companies has done a wide variety of transactions starting as early as 1989 after the fall of Berlin Wall. The Balmoral team conducted small to medium size transactions ranging from fish farms to phone technology. Now the firm has two Ohio based corporations and several off shore entities including Special Purpose Vehicles specializing in renewable energy projects and finance.


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