Balmoral is a group of companies
    •    Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc. (BVI)
    •    Balmoral Financial Services Companies (USA)
    •    Balmoral Dubai #4099 (BVI)

Our Team
Our team of professionals is dedicated to provide technical assistance and advisory services for the preparation and execution of development projects in emerging markets and are ready to facilitate public and private capital for its private investors and partners.

Investment Philosophy
The important factors, which influence Balmoral’s decision to acquire a company, are the capability, integrity and depth of its management. We must believe in the people we do business with.


Balmoral Financial Services Companies
7118 Dublin Rd |  Dublin, Ohio 43017 | USA
Cell: 614 598 2612
Office/Fax: 614 792 8456
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Balmoral Financial Services Companies | 7118 Dublin Rd |  Dublin, Ohio 43017USA

Cell: 614 598 2612
Office/Fax: 614 792 8456